Elite MTS - Elite Moist Transport System- was created by Vangard on the basis of 25 years of experience in the production of high yielding technical underwear. The unique feature is not only the fabrics exceptional elasticity of 300%, but also the very special way it is knitted. The Dacron polyester microfibre from DupontSA is spun so that it gets small fuzzy fibres which guide the perspiration towards the core of the thread and away from the body. MTS is tight fitting with optimal fit and freedom of movement. Of course sewn with flatlock without bothering seams and labels sewn on to the outside of the underwear.

Elite NET was created after close cooperation with professional bike teams over 5year period. The starting point to fibres is the same as Elite MTS, and in the way perspiration transport is secured. Knitting structure is hardly distinguishable from a net, and the properties are high breathability and it is therefore well suited for summer use. 

Elite CoolMax consists of CoolMax from DuPontSA which is on of the best transportation fibres on the market. The quality, which is mixed with Dacron from DuPontSA, achieves certification as Coolmax active from DuPontSA. The feeling when using Elite Coolmax is light, soft and breathable. Coolmax dries faster than other fibres such as nylon, cotton/polyester and other after treated fibres.

MICRO TRANS is a new series of comfortable perspiration-transporting fabrics. The quality consist in perspiration-transporting polyester where fibres are after-treated with Hydrofil which provides higher perspiration transport and touch than a normal polyester yarn.